Sunday, July 15, 2012


These shots were taken on the same day, 
within a quarter mile of each other.

I don't know that Speedway was the birthplace of the 
"show us your titties" signs that show up each 
race season, in various modes and media, 
but the local vets decided to make the best of it.
All three are women, so they definitely
have senses of humor.

The Roller just seemed to appear from nowhere, 
complete with right-hand drive and uniformed chauffeur.
In a world of look-alike cars, I recognized it immediately
I spotted its approach on the main road.
Definitely out of place in this working class town,
was the driver on his way to a wedding? A vintage car
show? Before I could ask, he was gone.

1 comment:

dive said...

Hoorah for your vets, Speedway. That's too funny.

As for the roller: thanks for tracking it down for me; the bloody chauffeur said he was only taking it down to the shops and he's been gone for days.