Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lilies in the Hoosier Desert

I'm glad I take a lot of pictures because I have a bit of stuff 
to choose from when things look bleak. Like now.
It's hot here, with temperatures in the high 90s most days
and reaching over 100 for most of this week.
I go out fairly early to take care of errands, but otherwise stay inside.
The hot weather has withered most of the flowers, 
trees are looking tired, and the grass has turned to yellow,
brittle straw. Supposedly, the area should
return to more normal temps next week.


dive said...

Whew! So you're now officially hot stuff.

Speedway said...

Dive, I'm just trying to keep my "stuff" from getting cooked. This morning I walked to the store at about 8 AM. It wasn't too bad until the walk home. 80 degrees and no breeze rose to over 100 later in the day. I understand the recorded temperatures yesterday were higher then for the same day during the Dust Bowl in 1936.

I set a couple of tomato plants out yesterday and they've been sulking ever since - while the 2 remaining inside, still in my window, have flowers.