Sunday, July 22, 2012

On an Island

Mercifully, the past few days gave us a break in the drought
the area has been enduring for the past two months - just a small break,
though, because the weather has been forecast to return to high 90's
to 100's temperatures next week. Damn.

In the meanwhile, I was scheduled to join the Indigenous Artist
for dinner at the IMA Indy Island. The price for admission
was to bring an entree, side dish, or dessert for dinner.
I interpreted that as "enough for yourself, the artist,
and the other two guests." I made up a recipe from a post
on Small Glass Planet and sliced up a few oranges and 
cucumbers for a salad of sorts - something cool 
and refreshing because of the heat.

The above picture of the artist I've come to think of as Didge, 
(AKA A. Bitterman) shows his typical posture whenever his picture is taken.
He does not speak, but has a system of signals one can use to
communicate with him. He's been on the Island and the museum
grounds all month, with his residency ending after this
coming week.

I was joined by two other women for a boat ride
to the Island with the Artist, where he underwent a magic
transformation, suddenly acquiring the ability to speak.
And speak quite well, too, on how most humans do not regard
themselves as a part of nature, seeing trees and animals as
something separate from our existences in our little
"civilized" world, not acknowledging our place in the
greater scheme of things.

For those people who view the artistic 
community as a bunch of artsy flakes, who do not 
recognize artists as involved and caring people, 
with well-considered opinions about affairs of the world,
I suggest you visit with A. Bitterman at Indy Island.
The exhibit he has installed on the grounds of IMA's
100-Acre Park is both funny and thought-provoking. 

The grounds of the Museum and the 100-Acre wood are dense 
with greenery and the shade takes many degrees off the
glare of the hot sun. Don't just visit, make a point of returning
to the place where we all belong.


dive said...

What a splendid day out, Speedway. Sounds like the whole thing was an art event in itself.
I am deeply honoured that you took one of my recipes with you.

Speedway said...

It was a great afternoon, Dive. Artist was able to speak on the Island after donning the miraculous beaver suit. A documentary is being made about the project, so I had to promise to not post the photo I took of the transformation.