Monday, July 16, 2012

Time with Gran'pa

The sky was overcast this morning, which was a good thing, 
as I wanted to walk out early to avoid the heat of the day.
I started out at about 8, a bit later than I'd intended,
but as it was, it turned out to be just right.
If I'd left earlier I might have missed Jerry, deep in
conversation with his one-year-old grandson, Brady,
as they sat on the front porch of their home a
couple blocks from where I live.

I worked up the courage to ask permission
to take their picture, and Jerry was kind enough to agree.
It's easy to see the loving bond between the man,
the child and their dog, Buddy. 
I am pleased to have made their acquaintance. 


dive said...

That's a fabulous portrait, Speedway. You have a new vocation opening up for you.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. Is it any mystery at all where the baby got his blue eyes?

Walking along the street, I saw the man sitting on his porch, the baby on his lap. The two were deep in the kind of conversations that only a baby and his grandpa can have. The scene just spoke to me, but my camera was too small to get it from the distance. I had to work up the nerve to ask, and found the man to be very kind.