Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Tree-Shirt?

Yes, it was a hot day in the 100-Acre Wood a couple weeks ago, 
but it was a place covered by the natural shade of the trees.
So why would someone leave behind a perfectly
useful T-shirt? Were they perhaps offended by the 
entwined limbs, the sensuous lines of a woodland tryst
among the inhabitants of the woods? Or were they
heated up by the sight and just made barking mad?


dive said...

Yup; definitely looks like prudish censorship to me, Speedway. Those trees need to get a room.

Hope your temperatures cease their crazy tantrum and let you breathe again soon.

Speedway said...

Hello, Dive. With their wooden personalities, it's surprising the trees could even have a budding friendship, lat alone let their sap rise for a woodie.

Delayed telecast of the British GP here. Sunny skies, reasonable temps? Who knew? I agree the ticket prices are too high. It amazes me that there are so many young people who manage to find a way to bum their way from country to country just to watch F1.

When the USGP was here in Indy, a lot of people came because US tickets were so cheap in comparison to others. But people were SO RUDE! One year, I purposely bough a ticket at the start line just so I could see the start. Behind me were a lot of men from South America, shouting, waving flags, standing on the backs of the seats (including mine), just generally being assholes. I never did get to see the start because they were all around, blocking any view. Another couple and I, both discouraged, left our seats and went to the infield. If I'd behaved like that I'd be called "ugly American." Fuck 'm.

dive said...

Fuck 'm indeedy.
The sunny Silverstone was weird beyond belief. All week it's been underwater and as soon as folk headed off to the car park the deluge resumed. Driving over to Phil's to watch it was like driving through a non-stop car wash. I can't wait for Autumn and the chance of some decent weather.