Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Textured Tuesday: Dotted Lines in the Sand

The sidewalks in Speedway have been made handicapped accessible 
at the intersections, with brick-colored, rubberized tiles.
They're mostly unremarkable, but the sand blown onto these
tiles has helped make an interesting composition.

Oh, shoot, the weather in this part of the country 
has been much warmer than usual. When I saw the sprinkler
working on this lawn, I just wanted to lie down in the
grass and let the drops soak me down. This picture was
taken nearly a month ago, before summer started.
I want to lie under its spray even more.


dive said...

Oooh, spotty and splashy! I'm a sucker for polka dots, but I never thought to look for them under my feet. Well … er … spotted, Speedway.

And I so need to stand in that sprinkler spray. Mmmmm …

Speedway said...

Oh, Dive, the thought of your burn being so bad it's actually bloody makes me slightly nauseous. Please, , if you can, stand under a cold shower because it will help remove at least some of the heat. And never, ever, go anywhere without a hat.