Monday, July 2, 2012

Beet It, Uh ... Just Beet It

Listed above are the side dishes available at a neighborhood restaurant.
1) The difference between "green beans" and "fresh green beans"
is that the first are canned while the second are freshly picked.
2) I did go into the store to tell a near-by waitress that "beats" was, 
in this instance, misspelled. She corrected it immediately.
But not before I got the picture. 
That's when I learned about the green beans.

So, parents, if your kids are coming home covered 
in purple stains, just know they've been taking part
in neighborhood beet fights. 


dive said...

Aww, beats is so much more evocative. You should have left it up there.

Speedway said...

I'd thought about it, Dive, but also considered how embarrassed the girl would feel later if someone made fun of her to her manager - never mind I'm doing it now for the world to see. She knew immediately what she'd done when I pointed it out to her. Besides, while Harvard is known as an excellent school, I don't think they've ever graduated anyone with a good 'beat.'