Thursday, July 26, 2012


This picture was taken July 15, not even a month into summer. 
The leaves are already tired and falling from the trees
to the point that natural resources people are
concerned that some trees may die if they don't get rain soon.
The time on my monitor reads about twenty of nine
in the evening and the temperature is 100 degrees.

Here, a portion of the creek that runs south,
parallel to the track, is usually wet with 
sufficient water to support a few tiny fish and
a couple ducks with their broods of ducklings,
grazing along the banks, eating bugs and grass.
This year, as you can see, nothing.


dive said...

What a glorious autumnal … er … midsummer photo, Speedway. Things must really be getting bad over there for the trees to give in and start dropping leaves.
Hope you get some decent (though not torrential) rainfall soon. You're more than welcome to some of ours.

Speedway said...

I like the photo, too, Dive and thought it much too early to be taking that picture.

Some lawns I passed this afternoon had enough leaves on them one might think it is autumn.

neetzy said...

I'm finding similar leave droppings here in Pennsy. Weird weather all around. I do think weather patterns are changing regardless of the denial of global warming among political conservatives.

Speedway said...

In 2007, when I was still with my "dear companion" Carl, we took our boat for a trip up the Muskingum River to Zanesville. Part of the reason we were able to do this was because the river level was low enough we could get the boat under the bridges at McConnelsville. We did that, but it meant that in some areas the water was more shallow than usual. Our boat only drafted about 18" so it was not much of a problem; other boats with screw propellers had been broken going through the same areas. I could tell the difference in the water level because the sound the paddles made. The aplashing water made a lighter, more tinkly sound than when in deeper water.

The above is a long way to get around to saying that I don't think we could make that same trip this year - we may be able to get under the bridges with ease, only to find ourselves stranded on a sandbar or shoal someplace else.