Sunday, October 9, 2011

99% > 1%

An article in the local paper a couple days ago, about the expected turn-out on Saturday for the Occupy Indy event, stated only about 200-300 people were expected. By the time I arrived a bit after 12 noon the numbers were well above that. When we walked towards the Circle, there were over 1,000 frustrated individuals. Not bad for a bunch of people who live in a notoriously "red" state. 

There were people of all ages, all colors, all political persuasions. 
Everyone was polite, everyone was considerate. Everyone was educated. All the speakers were articulate, some a bit "off-topic," one or two were downright stirring. Oh, yeah, and for the person who made aspersions about the "personal hygiene" of the participants, everyone was clean.

What we all had in common was our anger at a government that has allowed itself to be bought off by the banking, investment and insurance industries, among others, at the expense of the people they are intended to represent. 
One speaker mentioned that the framers of the Constitution, however brilliant they may have been, did not address the concept of greed as it never occurred to them it would be a problem; it has been overweening, venal greed that has caused the people in government to legislate in their own interests, rather than those of the nation as a whole.

It is old news that people who are unemployed 
are having difficulty finding a job, 
that those who have a job often find themselves underemployed, 
still unable to meet basic expenses, or that those who are fully employed 
are often required to do the work of two people. It is not one segment of the work force, but nearly everyone across the spectrum 
who feels undervalued, diminished and betrayed   
It is a pernicious situation, no good for anyone in the long run.

Other than for the bottom line of the corporations.

Please excuse me as I am new to this. I did not want to make a long
sermon, but state some of what I heard today.


dive said...

I'm going to show my age now and yell "Right on, Sister!"
I've been following Occupy Wall Street on FB and it's the most refreshing thing to come out of the States since the early 60s folk movement. It's about time the REAL moral majority showed their face.
This lifelong demonstrator and curmudgeonly activist applauds you for getting antsy and righteous.
Keep it up, America!

Speedway said...

It is refreshing, Dive! There's been criticism of the OWS because it seems unfocused, but I think that is because it is new and that there are so many issues related to the anger people feel. Right now, I think it is enough for people to know they are not alone in their anger.

You and I are of a similar age.

"Right on, Brother!"

dive said...

Hee hee!