Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tree Poodle

There's supposed to be a reason for it, one I don't quite understand, but each year some of the trees in the neighborhood get a trim job. Their limbs are cut back, leaving only little poufs at the ends. While I enjoy the way the limbs divide the sky, with splashes of sunlit leaves for accent,

I prefer to stand amid these curtains of color,
 where the sun enters between the leaves, 
creating shadows of themselves, on themselves.


dive said...

Pollarded trees look kinda sad and weird but I'm assured there are good reasons for giving them Brazilians.
They plane trees near my old offices get a good waxing every year, I managed to dig up a couple of photos of them here.

Speedway said...

Hello, Dive. I put my tree comment on your post in error, but now I can screw up my own.

I'm assured we'll be back in the 80's this coming week.

The chilly temps we have now are the kind that make cats run and leap from sheer exuberance. I love to watch it. My last cat died last winter (old age) and her successor is young and full of her self. Sort of like having a perpetual 2-year-old, but better behaved, less whiney.

Turtle is about 50 y-o. Carl found her many years ago on an Oklahoma highway, spinning in the vortex of a passing truck. He picked her up and took her home. She stayed with him from job to job, travelling in his coat pocket or attache case until I got custody of her a few years back.

dive said...

Cats and turtles are two of my favourite kinds of people. Right now next door's three cats are asleep in a shady patch by my back door. We enjoyed a good session of insane chasing back and forth across the lawn and rolling around purring this morning while the weather was still cool enough, but I threw my back out so that put a stop to that. Ow! Being human sucks.

Speedway said...

Can your middle-aged pink body still do cat-like back flips? I'll bet that was what put your back out. >D

Not only are you intelligent and talented, you're damn funny.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I am not sure about the "brazilian" as dive put it, but I guess that there are some variety of trees that need pruning that way. Here in the south there is much discussion and argument about trimming, pruning, or not of crepe myrtles.

It will be some time before we get those gorgeous colors you are showing and they do not last long.


Speedway said...

The "brazilian" Dive referred to is also the pollard he also mentioned and has been practiced for hundreds of years, which is why I remembered seeing drawings of trees by Van Gogh with their bottom branches trimmed back. I just think it seems a bit severe and looks weird.

Colors have not reached their best yet, but may be short because of drought conditions this past summer.

Thank you for dropping by, Genie, and have a good afternoon.

Reed said...

Love the fall colors. Please post more! In FL we don't get to see them.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Reed, though the credit should more properly go to Mother Nature, who created these colors. These are from the same period last year, as our weather this summer was so dry the trees don't show the same colors as they did last fall. I have really pretty shots from last fall and will post them along with others I find this year.

dive said...

Speedway, my middle-aged pink body can no longer do cat-like back flips but I can manage a good impersonation of a beached whale. Ah, lost youth … why did my six-pack turn into a keg?

Speedway said...

Hahaha! Probably all that haggis.

Randy said...

Wow you have some amazing Fall color there. I really love the shot of the red leaves.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Randy, for your kind words and visiting this evening. I'll have to get out next week to look for additional pictures, but there isn't as much of this vibrant color as last year. I'm hoping though, because my image of fall does not involve any *vibrant* browns.