Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Days Are Just Like That ...

...Nuthin' but blank walls and pussy cats.

Then I took another look and noticed the sun reflecting off the pavement made the asphalt look nearly white, the sections of bricks are evenly divided by support beams. The bricks uneven surface looks like basket weave; is that a natural outcome due to the hand of the bricklayer, or just shoddy work? 
The security lights cast shadows, breaking the monotony of the vertical lines, while a small yellow sticker on the door provides 
the one touch of color.

The slightly petulant cat is Taylor, a young female tabby who was sent to me by a rescue organization last December, the day after my previous cat died.
She was filthy dirty, extremely thin and picking her up caused her to become stiff-legged and frantic. The sounds of loud voices and heavy footfalls 
would make her hide for hours.

Things are better now. Taylor's coat is soft and glossy, she's filled out from a steady diet of kibble, and she sometimes gives indication that 
she actually may know her name. She's a bright cat -- you can see that in her green eyes -- she doesn't miss a thing, but it seems that the synapse or two that runs between her ears operates on some kind of delay. Her "chatter" is made up of peeps and chirps that aren't unpleasant to hear.
I guess she's gonna stay.


dive said...

Hi, Taylor.
She's a real beauty, Speedway. She looks very happy sitting there by the window. The rescue organization obviously made the right choice of home for her.

And yes, Stanley's house is definitely made from shoddy brickwork, though you've made a magnificent photo out of it.

Speedway said...

'Afternoon, Dive.

The wall is part of the extension to a store, nothing but a big box to hold merchandise. Obviously, neither the owner of the property nor the tenant cares about the building beyond it's function. They'd only care if it collapsed outright onto customers to whom they'd have to pay money.

Taylor seems happy. She doesn't run every time someone enters the hall. When she and her litter mates were run through the gene pool, she got long legs and a plume for a tail and shorter body hair. More quirky than my previous cats, possibly because of earlier abuse, but wants to be affectionate. She'a a work in progress.

dive said...

Quirky is good. And it's thanks to you that she's a work in progress. Enjoy every peep and chirp.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. I try. I'm quiet, don't raise my voice much, or get to excited or riled about anything, so she doesn't react as badly to the stompy feet as before.

Quirky...just the way I like my men, too! I wonder if George Clooney is quirky?

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Taylor is beautiful and reflects the love you have given her. I like a quirky cat who has her own mind... perhaps a bit like me.

I like the building shot with the strong lines and shadows... blank walls and pussy cats. Purrrrrfect!


Speedway said...

Thank you for your kind words, Genie. There's a theory that women like cats because they don't feel a need to exert authority over them, or require their unending adoration. When I work with that theory in mind, then my cats and I do well together.