Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gettin' Nekkid

Last week the trees were still wearing their leaves. 
A few of them had begun doing a slow strip tease,
their golden leaves floating through the air, 
scattering like feathers from a dancer's boa.
They bobbed and dipped in the sun, 
one last number before the intermission, 
when autumn sets the stage for winter.

This morning, the trees were bare, standing nekkid 
for all to see, their leaves in matted swirls on the ground.
The walnut tree across the street still has bits of
gold and green and feeds the happy squirrels 
that live in the tree next door.

I can't believe this squirrel let me get so close. 
I suppose it's because he was too involved in his
mast. Even the tree was kind enough to not throw a
walnut THONK! onto my head as I tried to take their pictures.
They sure did hit the ground
 around me hard, though.


dive said...

Gorgeous silhouette shot, Speedway. I love the sun on that cloud. And you've framed it so that the branches follow the shape of the cloud and gently brush against it. Lovely.

Yay for walnuts. Yummy. And what a perfect portrait of that cute little tree rat. Over here they come way too close to you; the little beggars run after you and mug you for food.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. It was sort of dreary, rainy and windy yesterday so I wasn't in much of a mood to leave my humble abode. These pictures were taken with my little Canon so I was pleased to get sharp images of the walnut tree leaves and the squirrel.

If you want walnuts, I can go around the neighborhood and rustle up plenty. No one except the squirrels seems to harvest them.

Speedway said...

I meant to add: The pictures were taken w/i 50 feet of my front window. The bare tree is in my front yard while the walnut tree is across the street.