Sunday, October 23, 2011

Victory Reigns

"Victory" debuted her new look last Friday, October 21, 
when the scaffolding surrounding her was completely removed. 
Her makeover complete, and finally released from bondage, 
she once again reigns over the city.

Polished and proud, her golden torch gleaming in the sun,
Victory has resumed her vigil amid the surrounding buildings,
even if the air does seem to be a tad nippy up there,
285 feet above her loving subjects.  


lin said...

you hired that perfect blue sky from Colorado, didn't you? No, wait, Indiana has that,too.

dive said...

Yay! After watching the video of her ascent it's good to see Victory up and about and looking glorious again as she imperiously surveys her domain.
And yes, what a fabulous day! The view from up there must be astounding.

Speedway said...

Hi, Lin, yeah, after a week drear and drizzle we get this beautiful weather.

"...where the (genetically-altered) corn
is as high as an (endangered species) elephant's eye. and it looks like it's climbin' clear up to the (corporate-Congress-threatened Clean Air Act) sky! Oooohh ..."

G'morning, Dive! I've been watching and waiting for this. Last week, the scaffolding was partially dismantled and on a beautiful Friday, Victory got to meet her subjects.