Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Color for a Gray Day

These pictures are only about a week old, 
taken on a sunny day when the temperatures were in the high 70s.
Umph. Not any more. We're being treated to about four days 
of showers and the accompanying gloom and chill. 
It's gray: unbleached, undyed and achromatic. I am just thrilled.

Most of summer was too hot to be outside for long and 
we didn't get enough rain. I rarely went without wearing a hat and sunscreen. 
Now, I'll go out wearing a hat and a nice cream to keep my skin
from drying out altogether -- from swoon to prune within a week's time.

I hate being cold and am already anticipating the winter solstice, 
after which the days again start to lengthen towards spring.


dive said...

Whee! Suddenly it's summer again.
The weather has been doing that here, too, Speedway. Last week a heatwave, this week frosts and arctic gales.
Roll on Spring.

Speedway said...

It just occurred to me that it's no wonder we refer to 'Mother Nature' because this change of seasons seems to reflect the life cycle of a woman. Is there anything more fraught with change as a teenage girl (spring) or a woman during menopause (autumn)?

dive said...

Having been married to Ming The Menstrual and suffered sixteen years of physical and emotional abuse (and broken bones) I can pretty much vouch for the power of women's cycles.

Speedway said...

And everybody gets torn up in the damage they leave behind. I am so sorry to hear that, Dive, but so glad you were finally able to leave more or less intact. We're not all like that, you know. I'm not like that. Take care.