Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It was raining today -- the leaves were falling,
 pulled by the breezes from their trees.
I stopped by the creek, again looking for turtles.
While there, people crossed the bridge 
from the other side of the field.
I was gazing into the creek, looking for fish and turtles
as two men and a little boy passed behind me.
I was both amazed and dismayed that they did not stop
to take even a glance at a place I think is beautiful.

While I did not see any turtles, I did see jewel-like colors
in the leaves. Some of them had sunk to the bottom of the creek, 
where the water streamed over them in ripples faceted
by the rocks, accented by the sun. How could someone
not look, even for a little bit?


dive said...

Oh, wow, Speedway! This has to be one of the most wonderful photos I've ever seen. The sunlight through the ripples makes the leaves look like some huge leatherback turtle is lurking under the greenery. It also reminds me of one of my favourite Andrew Wyeth paintings: of dead leaves in shallow water.
I hope those passers-by stop in here and see what they were missing. Glorious!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I agree with dive and would have been mesmerized by the play of light and shapes and texture as the stream plays with our eyes. I almost can see a wild animal breathing movement in the stream-bed.

You have a sharp eye, my friend.


Speedway said...

Oh, thank you, Dive. Thank you, Genie.

I think most people see a big lot they have to walk across or around, tan stuff, a ditch and some weeds. The first turtle picture I took earlier this summer I almost missed because I thought it was a wet leaf on a rock.

I was afraid my little camera would make the moving water look blurred. I loved the crystal dapples, or whatever they are with the earth colors.