Monday, October 3, 2011

Apples in the Rain

It was a chilly, rainy day when I saw this beautiful apple growing on a tree.  
The rain was dripping off the fruit. It was a picture asking to be taken.
I was surprised to see the large apples shared the tree with a lot 
of much smaller fruit. I looked but could not find a second tree. 

I can only assume that a cutting of the one type of apple 
was grafted onto a tree of a different type, though same species.
Really, I have no idea other than that.


dive said...

Gosh they look scrumptious, Speedway. Did you try one?
I have no idea what the little guys are. It could be a graft or they might be an apple tree parasite (like mistletoe, only redder).
Either way it's a pretty combination.

Speedway said...

G'day, Dive. Hope it's going well for you.

I did not try one of the apples. They were a little too far beyond my reach. Besides, they didn't belong to me.

I'd have taken a picture of the rain dripping from the apples anyway,but the colors and the contrasting proportions of the two fruit were made it more interesting.

dive said...

Apples belong to whoever gets to them first, Speedway. One of the immutable laws of childhood.
Actually, there's an apple tree across the street from me that grows pretty bland apples so none of the neighbourhood kids (or me) steal them and they end up as mushy brown windfalls. For the past two years I've watched a fox come in off the fields in the evening and get completely shit-faced gobbling up the fermented apples. Watching him stagger and lurch is great fun.

Speedway said...

Ha! I wonder if the fox has a little headache the next morning? Might be a great name for a pub, "The Tipsy Fox." We have a restaurant here called "The Snooty Fox," which isn't so snooty that they are above selling T-shirts that say "I got a spotted dick at" ...blah-blah-blah.

I was just reading an article about the problem of thieves robbing local community gardens. They waited, let the gardeners do all the work, all season, then came in and virtually decimated their crops. Last summer, someone peed on my tomato plants, killed them overnight, they did, as well the opportunity for neighbors and myself to enjoy homegrown tomatoes.

Besides, the apple tree was surrounded by a chain link fence.

dive said...

Bummer about your garden thieves. Around here, nobody messes with allotments (in a hangover from the good old days, every family below a certain income gets offered the chance of a free strip of land to grow fruit and veg. They are quite beautiful places; little kingdoms with sheds and flags and rows of neat veggies and fruit cages), but apple trees that overhang the footpaths are fair game.