Sunday, October 16, 2011

Port de Bras

My favorite tree lives in the RV parking lot. 
It's twisted and gnarled from years of reaching towards 
the light and bending with the wind.
Over the years, I've gotten into the habit of paying it a visit
whenever I walked that direction 
to make sure it's still standing. 

This summer, the Speedway's
maintenance people decided to trim the tree's
most twisted limb, one that it held like a dancer
twirling across the floor. While necessary, I was nonetheless 
sad to see it go because it gave the tree an expression of 
grace that is only acquired through experience. 

This little collection of birdhouses
lives on a neighborhood porch that the 
homeowner has given the feel of an outdoor living room.
While one side has been curtained for privacy it doesn't
close off the world. The curtain both softens 
the afternoon light and catches the breezes


dive said...

Ooo, gnarly! What a glorious tree. Nice to know the maintenance people are looking after its wellbeing, even if it means sacrificing bits and bobs to give it a longer and happier life.
I love that collection of birdhouses and miscellaneous gallimaufry. A very personal and endearingly odd display.

Speedway said...

I love the collection, too, Dive. There are three houses in a row here where I think the women are in a little competition to see who can be the most clever in her yard decor. I think this woman wins because she has avoided "cutesy" in her arrangement.