Monday, October 17, 2011

'Tis the Season

The neighborhood is beginning to break out in Halloween decorations.
In this yard, St. Francis, the protector of little animals, looks to be a mite
 pissed that his caretakers have dressed him in a pumpkin suit.
Ol' Frank looks like he wants nuthin' better than to chunk that punkin'
and get back to pettin' bunnies and comforting doves.

The little bird whispering in his ear is telling Frank he's a real saint
for putting up with that orange strait jacket. 


dive said...

Too funny, Speedway. Poor ol' Frank does look a tad peeved. I wonder if they use that seasonal look in Gitmo.

Gunn said...

That made me smile.....:)
Someone has a creative mind!

dive said...

I'm just a sick puppy.

Speedway said...

You? Sick? Nah...Hey, I got Peptol if you need it, but I can only send a picture.