Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine

It rained Monday on my way to work, it rained all day yesterday, 
and it was dreary as hell all day today. The phone system was down, 
hence my internet connection was inoperable, but at least I could listen
 and watch my DVD of the 2010 Crossroads  Guitar Festival. 
That brightened the day considerably.


dive said...

That looks like England … except for all the wires strung up everywhere (why do you guys do that?) and the fact that the cars are ten times bigger than ours.

Speedway said...

I don't know why the lights and signs are strung up like that. I'll try to find out.
This is a wide intersection, however, that does not cross at 90-degree angles. Perhaps it's too wide for light stanchions which extend over the intersection? Or because of the utilities underground?

The streets are a patchwork of asphalt and concrete from the repairs done to all the steam, electrical, gas, water and communications lines. Last weekend, there was a spate of explosions (4 or 5) underground which sent manhole covers hurtling into the air. It's only by good chance that no one was injured or killed; at least one truck was heavily damaged by one of the covers.

With the exception of the larger SUVs and work trucks, I believe our cars have been steadily shrinking in size -- I don't even count monstrosities like the Humvee or stretch limos which are like clown cars for big egos.

There are more and more tiny city cars like Minis, Fiats, and the Smart car but they would be blown off the highways if they tried to travel with the big trucks. There are lots of Audis, too, traveling the roads with the Toyotas, Hondas, and Kias. The bigger cars are usually older or more powerful, like cop cars.