Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Textured Tuesday: Twists and Turns

Twisted Ambiance (Detail), newspapers, sticks and twine. Dimensions variable. 2009

As I ambled around town today to take a few pictures, 
I stopped in the Gallery of the Herron School of Art and Design
where I saw a small exhibit of work by Nigerian-born 
artist, Nnenna Okore.Her work is made from discarded objects, 
materials we take for granted, such as newspapers, 
plastic shopping bags and pages from telephone books. 

Topography, newspaper. 2009

Ms. Okore uses techniques learned watching native Nigerians 
as they went about their daily tasks, rolling, twisting, weaving, sewing
and dyeing discarded materials into useful items. The skills
she learned are used to create intricate sculpture and installations.

Twisted Ambience, (Detail), 2009
I found I was almost as intrigued by the shadows 
her pieces cast on the walls as I was by the work.


dive said...

I like that a lot.
And yay you for spotting the awesome shadow it makes.

Speedway said...

I'm pleased that you liked it,Dive. I especially liked the wall pieces. Some of them reminded me of rag rugs and to find it was rope made from newspaper, magazines or plastic bags was even better.

My camera died because it took so much from the batteries to take the pictures, so there aren't as many photos as I'd like. Please, go to her website to see more work.

dive said...

Thanks for the link, Speedway. Boy howdy, her work with paper is both beautiful and original.