Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome to the Broke Elastic Storage Company

When I wondered why so many garages look like this, 
a friend told me that what passes for an attic in most contemporary 
homes is very difficult to get into, involving a flimsy collapsible ladder 
leading to what is not much more than a hole in the ceiling.
So ... a house having over 1,600 square feet of living space has inadequate storage space? My grandma didn't have enough room for her clothes
so she bought wardrobes for the overflow. Don't they make 
those anymore? But the kickboxing practice dummy? I dunno.


dive said...

People are indescribably messy creatures. It always amazes me that in the winter I have the only garage in the neighbourhood with a car in it. Neighbours moan about chipping ice and snow off their cars and spending ages warming them up and then look askance at me for driving my fully functioning automobile out of my garage as if it's an alien concept.
Weird …
So that's a kickboxing practice dummy, is it? What a strange species we are.
I wonder what the total megatonnage of utter crap stored in the garages of the western world would amount to.

Speedway said...

A couple years ago, I passed by a home near here at which the wife was having a garage sale. There were tables full of stuff, virtually none of it worth buying. Behind her the door to her two-car garage was open, revealing space that was filled with stuff, so much there was barely room to walk. As it turned out her husband had left her and she had to get rid of stuff so she could sell the house. It was evident to me that the man had gone because there literally was no room for him in his own home.

So...what is the megatonnage of crap? Just go to any "jumble sale" and multiply it by your best mega-estimate.

I'm not much better, though, because there are books and art supplies all over. If I put it all out the place would be bare. My niece has often said she always like to stay with me because there was always something interesting to explore or play with, so she was never bored. Now, it's just me who's never bored.

dive said...

Books and art supplies are "life": just what rooms should be stuffed with. My own house resembles nothing so much as the mutant offspring of an illicit liaison between a library, a museum and a recording studio.
But at least I can fit my car in my garage.