Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Textured Tuesday: Scraped Asphalt

Sometimes I think anyone who saw me angling for a picture 
would think I was stalking shadows. In effect, I am. 
Prowling around the patch of scrapes in the parking lot next door 
or standing under a tree gazing through the leaves, 
I'm looking for the shape or bit of light 
that caught my eye in the first place. 

My cat chases leaves. I chase scratches in the pavement.
Sometimey it works, sometimey it don't.


dive said...

It definitely worked this time. That's awesome!

Speedway said...

Tahnk you, Dive. As usual you're very kind with your praise.

They almost didn't work this time. I confess to altering the contrast a bit in Photoshop because the original images were entirely too gray for my taste when enlarged. I think the marks were made by a blade scooping snow which took some of the coating off as it cleared the lot.