Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Gray Weekend

Although I'm resigned to the reality of winter's coming,
I try to remember that each season has its own colors
and to look forward to the season's muted tones.

Here, on a gray November day, the last of fall's
golden leaves illuminate the afternoon.


dive said...

Oh, what a wonderful composition! You sure know a prize-winning photo opportunity when you see one, Speedway.
The little splash of green makes it perfect.
Kinky as it sounds, I am a huge fan of lichen and you caught the wonderful delicate colour perfectly.

Autumn colours are blazing and glorious on a sunny day but on a grey November day they are less showy and yet more beautiful. Between the grey sky and the silver water they make a display that's a joy to behonld.
You make my eyes very happy this morning.

Speedway said...

G'morning, Dive! You sure know how to get my day off to a nice start. Thank you for the compliments, 'though I think they more properly go to the trees.

I confess, I was sort of thinking of you when I took that picture ...

I lichen you, and you lichen me, etc.

I think the decision has been made to let the river go back to its wild state. It is a part of the White River State Park, after all, and efforts have been made upstream to replant the bank with native species. I am surprised how little time it's taken for those saplings to grow and fill in the banks. The birds like it; herons have a rookery there, too.

dive said...

Hee hee. I lichen your lichen rhyme.

Good news about letting the river do what it wants instead of what dumb people try to force it to do. How much better things would have been had people not spent the past century or so saying "Hey, I think I'll build my city here on this marshy flood plain and put up a little earth bank to keep the river in check". Sheesh, we are so dumb as a species.