Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mauve Asphalt

One evening this fall, just after a storm, I went outside to take pictures 
of a lovely sunset. I turned back towards home and noticed the drive 
was reflecting the purples and pinks of the clouds above.
That day, if anyone had asked me what color the pavement was
I'm sure I'd have said "mauve."  It certainly wasn't black.

Back at the creek, a few brightly hued leaves turned into 
jewels against the muddy taupe-colored rocks.


dive said...

Okay, I've run out of "Wow"s and "Woah"s now. These are truly beautiful images, Speedway. The first one made me gasp and the second one is just as good; I love the little conversation that's going on between the green and the red as they pass one another on the stream.

Speedway said...

Oh, thank you, Dive. You are so kind. When I see the beautiful pictures taken by you and all the other members of CDP, I am humbled. My little town, by itself, is rather plain, and it's made me look everywhere and anywhere for pictures -- drainage ditches, gravel, asphalt parking lots. I don't know whether that means my focus has become more narrow or that it has become more open to stuff. Meh ...