Monday, November 21, 2011


When I'm taking pictures I always see in terms of paintings 
I might want to make. Big ass paintings. Oh, not so long 
that I have to run with a brush from one end to the other, but enough that whoever looks at them can feel involved in the gesture the trunk 
makes against the background, and the way the leaves shimmer.

When I take a picture, I don't want anyone to see "tree," 
"building" or "rocks," but just beautiful color and gesture.
At this point, the trees do a better job of that
than I will ever be able to accomplish.

I gotta long way to go.


dive said...

What a great little Frankenthaler mini-documentary. Thank you for that, Speedway; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I LOVE your autumn leaves painting! So full of light and movement, a real windy day in autumn with sun shining through the leaves. Trees are the suckiest subject in the world to paint but I don't see how a breezy autumn day could be painted any better.

And the photos reflect what we were talking about yesterday: the fabulously showy maple leaves in sunshine but the equally beautiful gorgeous muted tones on a cloudy November day.


Anonymous said...

And there you were complaining that the fall was not bringing enough color...