Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hope All the Turkeys Are Good

I went downtown this afternoon to do some errands. On the Circle preparations were under way for the annual Circle of Lights Celebration; 
the lights have been hung on the Monument and crews were 
constructing the stage for tomorrow night's performances. 
Across the street at the Indianapolis Power & Light office, 
the decorations have been installed, including this faux tree, 
which always delights my eyes; there's something about the
variegated sizes of the lights I find extremely interesting.

That office also has a glass window installation that seems especially fitting
during the Christmas season. I like the way its circular forms cut into the  field of  lights. I couldn't get it to work exactly the way I wanted so
I guess I'll need "one more last chance" to get it right ...

Back to Eric Clapton's little gathering of friends 
at the 2010 Crossraods Guitar Festival.


dive said...

Woah! Who let Dale Chihuly loose in the lighting shop? That is both spectacular and insane. I love it!

Speedway said...

I love that damn tree. Each year, I stop and gape at it. The security man at the desk invited me in when he saw me taking pictures. He thinks it's beautiful, too, and particularly enjoys watching the process of it being assembled.

A question, Dive - how do they do that? Every time I listen to an ensemble of musicians like Vince Gill and his buddies, each of them well-known and admired for their talent, I'm amazed that it sounds so well, that it works.

Is it because they are all essentially session musicians, each knowing they'll get their chance to shine? I can at times pick out the individual "voices" and it amazes me that they're together, without being in lock-step.

dive said...

Ah, musicians … the difference between an experienced musician and a music store masturbator is the ability to choke back your ego and shut the hell up to let the others be heard. When it comes to your turn you expect the same from them. It really is that simple but it takes most people years to work out.

Anonymous said...

For a birds' eye view of the lit up Monument Circle you can see it from the scrape of the Falcons Kinney and KathyQ:

Speedway said...

Hey, that's neat, Alison! Thank you very much. How was your day? I expect to be working next week. so probably won't see you and Siegmund until January.