Monday, November 28, 2011

Limestone Map

The landscape artists who designed the White River Central Canal Walk 
and River Promenade have created a feast of discovery for
the people who use it. Huge blocks of limestone border the walk behind the Indianapolis Zoo, some engraved and carved by man, in a hurry to leave his mark. Others bear traces of their origin where water and time, taking eons, 
have left their story. Below is a detail of one such block, where water has etched a map resembling the Mississippi River Delta.

It's a map that tells the Earth's origins, of where it's been, 
what it's made from and where it's going.  Touching the rough surface 
of the stone is like touching the journey of time.
Reminding us of our own impermanence, it will remain, 
telling Earth's story long after we have gone. 


dive said...

That's astonishing, Speedway. Beautiful natural sculptures right there in the city where everyone can enjoy them. I'll bet you're the only one stopping and admiring them though.

Speedway said...

Hi, Dive! It's after 9PM as I type this, so I figure you're in bed. The first couple times I've been along there, I was definitely the only one strolling along, looking at the stone, taking pictures. Everyone else was "power walking" or running and they did kinda look at me funny.

The stones have been laid out with thought and care to their positioning for visual interest. Gaps have been filled in with smaller stones, as in the first photo. Little trees have been trimmed to accentuate the line of the stone.

As for no one noticing, I don't think people realize that the ARE noticing it's minimalist beauty: if it were just lined with walls of cement brick, the place would not be nearly as inviting.

Here's my first post from the park's River Promenade:

dive said...

Ah, I remember the semi-naked jogger, Speedway. Hee hee.

The concept of power-walkers looking at someone funny cracks me up. I used to walk daily the five miles between East London and Westminster along the Thames Embankment and would usually overtake (I stroll but I have long legs) several waggle-assed power walkers looking totally ridiculous in dayglo spandex; some even take ski poles with them. Total asshats.