Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Blessings

Ready for his close up is my grandnephew, Knox Freeman, 
one third of a trio known as Lulu and the X-Men. Along
with his brother and sister, Lennex and Tahlulla, Knox entered 
the lives of his parents this past summer, finally bringing them, in one fell swoop, the blessing of the family they had wanted for some while.

All three babies are shown above: Tahlulla looks out at the camera 
from her mom Laura's lap, Lennex rests in the familiar comfort 
of his Grandma Fran's arms, while the ever-hungry Knox 
is fed by his dad, Joseph.

Every Thanksgiving, a large sack of Christmas-themed millinery
appears, from which we each choose a piece of headwear -
everything from elfin caps and fuzzy pimps' hats,  to redneck ball caps 
and reindeer antlers. This year I chose an elegantly sequined
Santa number (I find myself wishing for a Kate Middleton "fascinator," which means I'll probably have to make them myself). We all grouped in front of the fireplace for our picture, set up by Joseph in his jester cap.

The holiday season, it's hee-re! Catch it!


lin said...

what a fun tradition, the funny hats! The babies look amazing. Happy holidays and I will keep looking for more of our wonderful stories and pictures.

dive said...

Okay … I confess to a big fat "Aaaaah …". The trio is too cute for words.

Christmas in November is madness but it sure looks like fun madness from here.

Speedway said...

Tell me, was it that bright happy eye peeking from beneath Santa's mustache that sucked you in? The little face with the hint of a smile? They're good babies in part, I think, because they're used to being passed around and handled by various relatives.The other children all got the same treatment and they're all pleasant company, too. Other than that, what can they do for now but eat, sleep and fill their diapers?

Anyone who comes into this family had better be willing to wear a silly hat on Thanksgiving and to haul a baby around on their hip from time to time - not for goo-goo cutesy "don't you just love babies" crap but for socialization.