Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Textured Tuesday: Smooth and Scratchy

Actually, I saw this picture last week at night, when the lights 
shining from within the sleek Chase Tower formed a rhythmic pattern
that contrasted with the more ornate limestone exterior of
the Federal Court House Building. Those pictures didn't work; sadly,
I couldn't hold my camera steady long enough to get the image I wanted.

The misty overcast this afternoon helped the Tower
step into the background, allowing for a nice balance
between the two buildings.


dive said...

Sweet! You've reversed the normal view of nasty sharp modern skyscrapers versus mellow old buildings. Great shots (and as ever, a great eye to spot them).
Skyscrapers only work in sunny climes. I've been up in so many in London for meetings where the only view out of the window is of the inside of a low cloud. Perhaps one in ten meetings I got a view. It must be pretty depressing up there most of the while.

Speedway said...

I wish you had been with me Monday when I saw the inside of this building. On the outside it's a limstone block, while on the inside its a feast of vaulted ceilings encrusted with glass mosaic tile, different colored marbles on the walls and floors, leaded glass partitions where the old post office had been, with polished brass(?) gratings for the tellers' cages, etc. The security guards are really proud of the place and happy to be working there. They said a couple times "Just wait til you see the staircase," etc. The best comparison I can come up with is the place reminded me of a Klimt painting. The clerk of the court said I have to get permission to take photos of the interior, but it can be arranged. Oh, yeah! I am so there!

dive said...

I can't wait!