Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autumn Blues

Autumn morning on the Muskingum River at Lowell, Ohio

There is sometimes a longing so deep that the morning sun, 
burning off the mist, serves only to reveal how 
much farther the heart has to travel. 
The clear sky, echoed in the mirrored surface of the river, 
and the jewel-toned tapestry of the trees
balance the pain of betrayal hidden in the mists just beyond.

The trees create a jewel-toned tapestry to serve as
backdrop for our Muskingum River cruise. 


dive said...

Beautiful scenes and beautiful words, Speedway. That first photo took my breath away. No wonder you long for the river.

lin said...

gorgeous--in words and picture.

Speedway said...

"Evening, Dive, and thank you for your kind words. Every time I look at the first picture I'm taken back to the peace and beauty of that morning. The second one brings to mind the rhythmic sounds of the paddle wheel as I stood on the deck to take pictures. It was a drizzly day, but the leaves still looked so rich with color.

Thank you, Lin. Say, check out the Lunch on the Go! recipe in the right hand column. I think you might like it.

Scout said...

ah, straight south on I77 from Small Town. Beautiful pictures, and what a great time of year for the trip.

Reed said...

Neat mist and reflections

Speedway said...

Hi, Scout. Better yet, take SR60 south from Zanesville to the village of Lowell, about 13 miles from Marietta. This place is one mile above the stoplight in Lowell.
In Lowell, behind the fire station, you can visit Lock #3 on the Muskingum river. It's closed for the season, but still nice, I think.

Speedway said...

'Afternoon, Reed, and thank you. During the fall, after the other boaters had gone for the season, we'd often be the only people on the river. The glass-smooth surface made mornings like this one special.