Wednesday, November 9, 2011


While walking toward the center of town, I happened to see a purple golf cart parked on the sidewalk. Purple? I looked around and saw a couple window washers just above, hanging from bosuns' chairs, moving themselves along the sides of the Old National Bank building using handles with suction cups on the bottom - visions of jewel thieves on a caper danced through my head, along with the tune "Slip Slidin' Away," as they rappelled down the side. 

After I left the Herron Gallery, I headed for the Canal, where I walked to the Zoo and returned, taking pictures along the way. I don't know who plans the landscaping for the Canal but the flowers and plants are beautiful. The above picture was taken looking west towards the Indiana State Museum with the Canal in the foreground.

It's so beautiful! But what is it?


dive said...

Sharp, angular buildings and soft round rose-hips. Beautiful contrasts in shape and colour, Speedway.

One of the things I miss about working in London is the bungee window cleaners bouncing their shoes off my window before squeegeeing the footprints away again. Not a job I'd relish.

And thanks for the Paul Simon. Ah, memories.

Speedway said...

Oh, thank you, Dive. I'd suspected the flowers are rose hips but I'd never seen them before Monday. There was, however, another bush about a half mile away, that had the big hips, as well as a big, puffy yellow flower. I took its picture, thought it might be rose hips because of the flower. There were no blooms in evidence on these guys.

dive said...

Those are definitely rose hips, Speedway. The seeds inside are itchy as all get-out (poor kids like us used to collect them and tip them down other kids' backs in class as a substitute for itching powder) but you can infuse the pods and make a nice herbal tea as well as a disappointingly bland jam.

Anonymous said...

AND they are chock full of vitamin C, so eat your rose hips ;-)

Speedway said...

Euuww! I've had trouble drinking any herbal teas. For some reason they give me a really sour stomach.