Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canal Blooms

Rose Hips. I know this now thanks to Dive of Small Glass Planet.
I'd never seen them before last Monday. There were no flowers on the plants,
but they were colorful - red, green and yellow

This time of year, I hadn't expected the flowers and plants 
along the Downtown Canal to be so vibrant, colorful and beautiful. 
Like so much else around town, I'd thought everything would 
be dormant or planted with cabbages - 
or things that look like cabbages.

Yellow rose blooming in its garden at University Hospital,
about a half mile from the Canal. This has hips, too, but looks quite
different than its cousin at the Canal. 

Whoever is planning this landscape should be congratulated 
because the place is a treat for the eyes. There are blooms and plants of contrasting colors and textures throughout.

The yellow, green and red of the rose hips provide excellent contrast
for the stalks of blue flowers twining around them. 
While providing differences in their textures, the colors here are also
delicate contrasts, more gently hued than the others.


dive said...

I genefluct unworthily in the general direction of your city's landscape architect, Speedway. The contrasts in colour and texture are beautifully thought out.
Norwich regularly wins Britain In Bloom's awards for civic planting (the planters and roundabouts and public gardens around the city are this week in the process of being transformed to their winter planting schemes and I can't wait to see what they come up with this year) but it looks like you guys would give us some stiff competition.

The rose with the yellowing leaves is rosa rugosa, something that civic gardeners love to plant as it takes the spiny stem thing to ludicrous extremes and discourages people from taking shortcuts through garden beds and destroying them. It is also a beautiful plant in all seasons.

I particularly love the purple thistle against the soft grey leaves.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. I wish I knew who the designer is so I could pass on the compliment. The Canal walk is part of the White River State Park, which has both the Indy Zoo and White River Gardens on its land, so maybe there's a connection there.

When I've gone down there, most people are trying to get in their lunch time exercise, so they seem too preoccupied to notice the plants. I go to do both... so far, because the place is so attractive.

Speedway said...

Here's a link to the landscape info, I think.

dive said...

Wow, those guys are GOOD! So refreshing to see hand-cranked design sketches instead of computer generated. Some great ideas going on in there.