Sunday, January 22, 2012

EXTRA: Aliens in Speedway!

 At 6PM I looked outside my window
 to see an alien spacecraft just above
the treeline. For the past several days, the 
temperatures have been in the mid-teens, we've had
a bit of snow on top of ice. Today the weather's
been warmer, the snow softening to melt
into slush. The air has not seemed so much like
fog as it has a cold cloud, overhanging the city.

 While the mist and fog are so thick
as to conceal the stanchion
supporting the lights, that does not mean
that aliens are not expected soon in Indy:
the evil New England Patriots have just 
defeated the Baltimore Ravens in 
a close game, 23-20, to establish 
one half of the Super Bowl match-up, 
to be held here on Sunday, February 5th.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Beautiful capture of these aliens! Congrats on the NEP win and glad that they held on in the final seconds, whew!

It is warm along the Gulf of Mexico... 10pm and 68 degrees! Where is January?


Speedway said...

Hi, Genie!

Well, the evil, hated Patriots, arch-rivals of our beloved Colts, will play the NY Giants in the Super Bowl Feb 5. We are rooting for the Giants because, Peyton Manning's brother, Eli, is the Giants' QB. GO GIANTS! :-)

Tonight starts rehearsals for the HT show production crew, of which I will be a member. Later this week, I'll start volunteer stint at an exhibition of
installation art downtown, also as part of SB festivities.

Winter is here. It's gone stealth. While the temp now is in the 50s, it will fall thruout the day, into the 30 by this evening. Weather is gray, rainy, but preferable to bright & sunny with temps in the teens or worse.

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

As I read the title and see the photo I was reminded of this film: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Great shot!

Speedway said...

Good Morning, Val, and thank you! I did think it looked like the space ship from the movie. Right now, I can look out the window and clearly see the pole with the lights on top, but the other night it was really spooky.