Saturday, January 7, 2012


Friday evening, I went to an event sponsored by 
the local newspaper, The Indianapolis Star, to
meet and chat with the staff photographers. 
It was interesting to hear how they 
were meeting the challenges involved
in adapting themselves to working with new
electronic media, both the advantages 
and disadvantages. While the days may be gone 
that required photographers to carry heavy camera 
bodies, lenses, lighting equipment and film, they now tote 
camera bodies, lighting and sound equipment, 
as well as laptop computers; their job description
has expanded just has the advent of the electronic
media has entered our daily lives. 

The guitarist's name is Robert Coleman. He provided
background music for the evening. I tried to find some
YouTube videos for him, but there were none.
He sort of sounded like Wes Montgomery
and played an Ibanez guitar.

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dive said...

Great photos, Speedway. That's a beautiful guitar.
Many thanks for posting some Wes. He turned virtuosity into unsurpassed grace and beauty and has been part of my life's soundtrack since I was a teen.