Monday, January 23, 2012

Brick Yard

These bricks lay in a nearby yard, under a grouping of shrubs. 
Don't know why, but they've been there for years. It seems
they were laid with intent but without design.

This morning the snow gave the bricks a dimension 
beyond their merely occupying space - this angle 
reminded me of a cityscape at night, 
perhaps even during foggy or snowy weather.


dive said...

AUGH! So much art and loveliness I've been missing while I've been away from Blogville.
Work is still crazy and I"m likely to be incommunicado for a while yet but I just had to stop by this evening to see what you've been up to.
Amazing stuff and far too much to comment on but I had to giggle at your own version of the Speedway brick yard.
I miss coming over here, dammit.

Speedway said...

And I've been missing you, Dive, wimpering like a puppy w/o your kind words and feedback. Oh, would you please look at "Thoughts on Commuting" from a bit ago? if you get a chance?

And how's the project coming? What sort of building is being proposed - school or concert hall? Frank Gehry curvy or Bauhaus straight?