Sunday, January 15, 2012

Calling His Friends

A few days ago (and it seems like a century) the weather was cold, 
but the sky was clear and sunny. I went out for a walk and 
a cafe mocha, reveling in the sunlight. I saw this crow, 
calling his friends to tell them ... something. I dunno.
Maybe he knew of a nearby field that could be gleaned 
for seeds, or he saw a trash tip behind a restaurant
that could be raided for the discarded fries.

A few feet farther on, this abandoned nest is isolated, 
its inhabitant having flown away to a warmer place
in search of food. Obviously, the berries were not to her
taste, but they will provide nice meals for different birds
 later in winter, when other food is harder to find.


dive said...

Great photos, Speedway (as if we'd expect anything less). I love the way you've caught that crow. Wonderful.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. As always you're compliments are kind - and appreciated.
I like crows and was happy to find one that was intent on telling his mates about whatever he'd found. Or maybe he was calling to them for a meet-up. But I liked that he used a telephone pole to do it.