Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Textures: Concretion

Among the leaves lying on a downtown sidewalk, is this image 
of one captured forever when the sidewalk was laid.

The roots of trees bordering a parking lot have surfaced 
in this downtown location, resembling the path 
of a river in their search for water.


dive said...

More great pavement art!
Love the first one, but I particularly love your comparison of a root system with a river system. A perfect analogy.

Speedway said...

G'afternoon, Dive, and thank you.
I nearly tripped over my own feet when I saw the leaf's image in the sidewalk. Does that make it a kind of 21st century fossil? And the roots resemblance to a river system is almost uncanny. I guess it's the way both the water and the roots follow the path of least resistance to shape their paths.