Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back at the Old City Hall

After a long period hiding behind clouds, the sun finally came 
out this afternoon, bringing more people into downtown
for the official opening of the Super Bowl activities. There was
also a steady stream of visitors to see the TURF exhibition,
twenty-three art installations by Indiana artists, all of them
interesting and well-done.

The people in the above photo were, like just about everyone
who's visited, impressed with the building which is
 playing host for the occasion. They are attempting to take
pictures of the stained glass that tops the rotunda of
the old City Hall's lobby, shown below.

The building, designed by the architectural firm, Rubush & Hunter, 
was completed in 1910 and consolidated all the city services
in one location. It's classical facade is of Indiana limestone
 with the entire structure meant to symbolize the stability 
and achievements of the city. 

Many of the visitors had visited the building before, 
during at least one of the building's earlier incarnations, 
when it was still the City Hall, then the home 
of the Indiana State Museum until 2002, 
and most recently, the temporary home of the 
Marion County Library during its remodeling and 
expansion from 2004 to 2007. 

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