Friday, January 27, 2012

Leanin' Trees

It's the middle of winter, the days are gray and misty.
but at least the temperatures are fairly mild.
Activities surrounding the city's presentation of the 
46th Annual NFL Super Bowl are gathering momentum.
This afternoon, I took part in my first stint as
volunteer for TURF, an exhibition organized by the
Indianapolis Downtown Art Dealers Association
of installations by twenty-three artists.
The exhibition is presented in the Old City Hall, 
the beauty of which is obvious even though
it is suffering from disuse. The artwork is 
excellent, as well.

Though the day was damp and gray, I did see these beautiful trees.
Bending and leaning towards the light, they always provide
graceful accents to surroundings that often seem
mundane or dreary.


Cathy Hudspeth said...

These images are amazing!

Speedway said...

Oh, thnaks, Cathy. I like city trees because they add a "human" touch to what would otherwise be a pretty sterile environment.