Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretty Clothes

Okay, I like pretty clothes and these are cheap knock-offs 
of some slutty looking styles. But the outfits were well thought out, 
with interesting combinations of patterns and beautiful colors.
These clothes are meant for young women, rather than 
women with careers and families, but even they have more 
options than do "women of a certain age."

Why do designers consign mature women to the back rooms
of their creative efforts? It seems I mostly have a choice between
tailored business clothes, those goddamned multi-patterned
"warm-up suits" with braid and metallic trim or,
worse yet, what look like men's bowling shirts 
in a floral print or some kind of applique stuck on
in the name of "designer sportswear."

I am not looking to dress like some over-the-hill tart
who doesn't want to admit her age, but I do
very much want womanly clothes that are more
attractive and sensual than seems to be available
to women of my means. If I were wealthy, I wouldn't have this
concern because I could go to my favorite designer to
have beautiful dresses made to suit my needs. 
But I'm not and I don't.  

I like silk. I like lace and sometimes I even like 
plaid flannel barn jackets. But I'd really like to find
garments that help me express an adult femininity 
rather than consigning me to a perpetual heap 
of gray-hued pantsuits. 


Julie said...

Hear! Hear! Listen up to Sara for a while!

Hey I like that cloth in the first photo on the right. Nice colours. Nice design. At my age, I long ago realised that no money equals no choice.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Julie! I sort of thought I was alone in this - but you're in Australia, fer Chrissakes! So maybe it extends much further.

Is it because the women accept what they're told - and once they're past child-bearing years they become increasingly neuter. I like men but not so much I want to become one in my appearance. Is it in part the waning hormones? Is it the manufacturers? Is it some combination of the two?

At my job, one which employs a lot of college-educated retired people, The most interesting women, the ones who stand out, are the ones who retain their feminine way of dress, while the others just seem to blend into the mass of dull colors and neuter clothes, along with the men.

I am no fashionista, but I learned a lesson there and make a point of wearing soft clothes in pretty colors. I once told someone "If you see me in a flannel shirt, you can damn well bet I'm also wearing lace. Somewhere."