Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My City of Slush and Mud

A few days ago, we had a bit of snow on the ground 
which rapidly turned to slush and mud. We've been especially
anxious about the weather here because we'll be hosting 
the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on Sunday, February 5th.
It rained last night, leaving the ground cold and muddy.

Tonight,  over five hundred other people and myself 
took part in our first rehearsal for the half time show.
I could tell you all about it except, as the saying goes,
I'd have to kill you afterwards.
It's going to be cool. I promise. Just watch.

As I told someone earlier tonight, if I were offered an 
all expenses paid trip to Disney World, I'd have
to turn it down for lack of interest --  unless that trip 
was to visit behind the scenes to see how it works.
That's how I feel about this show. 
How's it made? How does it work? I wanna see!


Meghan said...

How exciting for you to be a part of the whole Super Bowl experience! As a huge Colts fan I'm disappointed in how this season turned out, but it is still a great opportunity for the city of Indianapolis.

Speedway said...

Hi, Meghan! Thanks for stopping by - sort of. I knew I wouldn't get to go to the game itself, so was looking for volunteer opportunities. This one jumped off the webpage some time in November and I signed up immediately. It is going to be great fun - but I can't tell anyone about it. Be sure to watch the game; like my cohorts, I probably won't/shouldn't even be seen but when HT comes we'll be right in the middle of it. Sort of.

I am also participating as a docent at an exhibit of installation art sponsored by the downtown Indy galleries. That begins later in the week, And I wanna ride the zip line.

While there's always something to do in Indy, this is a chance to participate in something I couldn't otherwise afford or have access to.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Zip line! Zip line! That's for me!

How will we know which one is you in the halftime show? I really do think that it is cool, along with the gallery exhibits. What a great opportunity to showcase your city!