Saturday, January 21, 2012


The buildings in the Downtown Indianapolis area 
are a mixture of starkly sleek granite and glass
with the restored fillips of older, more ornate buildings.
Like many cities in the U.S. Indy has suffered through
years of neglect and abandonment, as her people
fled the downtown area for the promise of the 
cement block offices on the outskirts.
Thankfully, that attitude has enjoyed a remarkable shift
as people returned to the city with intents to rebuild,
restore and refurbish many of the beautiful
structures that remain.

Sadly, these houses lie within two miles of the
office buildings shown in the top photo. They speak to a struggle
endured by many of the people who walk every day in
the shadows of the downtown. In the aftermath of 
the mortgage and bank fraud debacles, the people who've lost 
their homes and jobs are the ones who suffer,
while those in the boardrooms write checks,
buy votes and influence legislation that destroys 
the foundation of the nation.

At a time when we need to adapt our educational 
system to the new technology, make good healthcare
available to everyone, feed our children and keep
roofs over their heads, those systems are falling apart
under a systematic cacophony of political posturing
designed to destroy them without replacing 
them with something viable, something better.
Every person in every one of those modest homes
needs to be certain they have a picture ID, are registered to vote,
and shows up at the polls to take America back from
the corporations who've stolen it.

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