Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ooooh ... It's a Man In A Pit!

I really enjoy taking pictures of men at work, 
men who know how to do the tasks that keep a home, 
a building, a city functioning. So I was delighted to look
into a manhole at the intersection of Meridian and Ohio Streets
 to find an actual, real MAN IN A PIT! And in harness, too!
He's an electrician, so I assume he can change
 a light bulb and understands circuit breakers.
The downside to his job, other than the claustrophobic
pit and occasional rat, is the fact that he's standing in water. 
Cold Water. Eeeuuw!

There's hustle and bustle all around town, 
both the usual street work as well as preparations
for the 2012 Super Bowl. This crew was at work last week
polishing the marble and terrazzo floors, and shining 
the brass railings in the Indiana War Memorial.  
And there's a lot of it to be made spiffy.

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