Thursday, January 5, 2012

Concrete Ideas

On my way Wednesday to meet some friends for lunch,
I just about fell into this bit of sidewalk work. 
Damn, I love it when the concrete contractors do all the 
drawing for me, leaving wonderful compositions
like this, just waiting to be photographed.  

The sidewalks are formed of subtle shades of gray, 
with marks, textures and patterns set off by 
formed aluminum and black rubber accents.
The workmen had made an entire series of drawings
in the sidewalk, of which I was able to capture a few. 
I fairly danced the rest of the way to lunch; 
whoda thought concrete finishers were artistic geniuses?  


dive said...

Yay! Sidewalk art at its finest. Well spotted, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. The men had all gone to lunch I supposed, leaving behind some of their tools. I literally almost stumbled into their work as I was too busy gazing at something else, hurrying to the lunch site. I smiled when I saw all the lines and the different shades of gray. It reminds me of a particular artist's work, whose name has escaped me.

Speedway said...

Richard Diebenkorn was the name of the painter.