Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Traffic

Just outside the mile square area, the main shopping 
and activity areas of downtown Indianapolis, 
one can find all day parking for the comparatively
 modest fee of $4.00, while the same sum 
will only get you three hours at one 
of the parking garages closer in.

Traffic in the downtown area was congested 
earlier this week, primarily due to detours 
for construction activities for the Super Bowl
venues south of Washington Street between
Capitol and Pennsylvania Streets.

The crowds last night and today at Super Bowl Village
were happy and congenial. People of all ages
came down to participate in the activities
and to see the sights.

1 comment:

Ellsworth said...

It can be a hassle, but there's no point in getting frustrated about it, right? One should take the time to enjoy the sights, smell the flowers, or in this case, spot and admire all the interesting cars also stuck in traffic.
-Ellsworth Mciltrot