Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowy Walk

The weather forecasters have warned us. We know. 
Based on past experience we know that our winter won't begin 
until a cold breeze passes through to pick up information
it can take back to its cohorts back in Siberia --
"Hey, Indy has some big plans to lay on a 
giant party. Let's go mess with 'em." 
Those big plans generally involve our high school
basketball tournaments, a state-wide happening that
climaxes each year in Indianapolis with the best four
teams meeting to decide the year's champion.
Some years it's the NCAA tournament in March.
This year it's the Super Bowl and, just as 
the city is beginning to set up the tents and exhibits,
the temperatures have dropped thirty degrees
and given us this brush of snow to practice with.

I walked over to the store around noon for some groceries, 
and took these pictures on the way. I like the play of positive and
negative space between the leaves and snowy ground in the
first picture, but wish I'd thought to pick out the dried oak leaf
before I took the picture of the sprig of ivy growing
at the base of the tree, as it interferes with the arc of the vine.
When I returned an hour later, the ivy had already 
succumbed to the weight of the snow. 


Scout said...

I really like the balance in the first photo, too. Have you looked at it while squinting?

Speedway said...

Hi, Scout. After you mentioned it, I tried it but only saw leaves and snow thru squinty eyes. :-D What did you see?