Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Over, It's Over! It's O-o-o-ver!*

I woke up early with the intention of seeing 
what the sunrise would look like on New Year's Day.
However, there was no sun. The morning was gray, not a
 promising start to the promise of a new beginning.
I waited to go out a bit later and was greeted by a 
lighter shade of gray.

A couple blocks over, the deflated Frosty 
lay on his lawn, demoted from his role 
as beloved Christmas character, back down 
to a wadded nylon lawn ornament, 
awaiting his return to a shelf in the garage.

The wind gusted to fifty miles per hour. 
The trees brushed back and forth 
against the gray canvas sky, roiling
the clouds like a Winslow Homer storm.
The streetlights at Twenty-fifth Street and 
Parkwood Drive signaled to an empty 
intersection, while the parking lot at the 
shopping center spoke to people's
reluctance to meet the new day of the New Year.

* With apologies to Roy Orbison --


dive said...

Doh! Now I'll be singing that all day.
Or at least singing it in my head; if I were to try to hit those notes with my voice the neighbours would have me arrested.
Let's hope the weather (and everything else) improves as the year goes on.

Speedway said...

Sheesh, Dive, I'd pop a vein if I tried it - and my voice would be more in the range for those notes.

Sunny and cold today, with threat of warmer temps during the week, colder on the weekend.