Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bus Stop Scenes

While waiting for the bus Friday morning, I took a few pictures 
of the activity around the Federal Court House. Above
one of the maintenance men hoses down the steps on the 
south west entrance to the building, while below bus drivers
and passengers alike sought relief from the sun in the shade of
one of the maple trees on the lawn.


dive said...

Hose guy looks like he has the perfect job for working in the sunshine.
I have to say I love the little fluffy cloud and blue sky you caught reflected over the door in the second photo, Speedway; like a window into another world.

Speedway said...

Hello, Dive. Watching the F1 race in Valencia? It should start in few minutes. Qualifying yesterday was the BOMB!

I can't say I though much about the blue reflection, Dive, except perhaps subliminally, as it repeated the blue in the shirts of the man and woman.