Friday, June 15, 2012

Strawberry Festival

Today, under tents in front of Christ Church Cathedral,
people gathered for the 47th Annual Strawberry Festival. Sponsored
by the church's Women's Guild, the Festival serves homemade
shortcakes topped with ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream.
This year, organizers expected to serve 6 tons of
strawberries and 18,000 shortcakes.

On the north side of Monument Circle, people gathered to enjoy their treats
on a pleasant sunny day. Searching for shade in the shadow of
Victory's pedestal, people sat on the Monument's steps as they were
entertained by various local musical groups.

Shown here are members of the Indiana Banjo Society,
who picked their way through a number of Dixieland
and patriotic standards. 

Here mom and her daughter enjoy their treats while listening
to the Shortridge High School Jazz Band.

And in the shadow of the surrounding trees, 
a group of women enjoys their lunch break.

Of course, since strawberries are my favorite food,
serving me as a breakfast staple when they are in season,
I could not let the occasion pass without
listening to Nina Simone singing "I loves You Porgy."

They're so soft and fine,
And they're just off the vine ... Strawberries.


dive said...

Now that's my kind of festival. What a glorious day, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Oh, yeah, Dive, it was nice. The weather was sunny, not too hot with a nice breeze. The organizers have the crowd handling/serving routine down to a science because I wasn't in line longer than 10 minutes.