Friday, June 8, 2012

Grids Everywhere!

I was walking across a parking lot yesterday 
when I happened to notice the buildings to my right. 
The patterns of rectangular grids had always been there,
but yesterday the buildings seemed to stand shoulder to shoulder,
showing me how their bricks, mortar, cement and glass
had acted to make them alike, yet different.

All I had to do to get them to align themselves
was to shift myself a bit. Though rooted in place, they 
stood quietly, as if they wanted their differing eras 
and functions to be recorded at that moment.
But why was it I hadn't noticed them before?
I'm anthropomorphizing, of course, but I did 
silently thank them before moving on. 


dive said...

Oooh, Mondrian architecture. Cool!

Speedway said...

Yep, Mondrian, but what I had in mind, I think, was more along this line -

I'd seen it on the cover of one of my art magazines.

dive said...

Cool! Gotta love the Golden Section. I remember as a kid being shown how the Golden Section spiral and the Fibonacci sequence relate to art, architecture, music, plant growth, galaxy formation and just about everything else in the universe. Suddenly maths was sexy. Yay!